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Progress of this Small House project published in YouTube. It is difficult to find a suitable property, this time property came with a 1950s house in need of demolition. The demolition of the house shows exactly how the house of the 1950s was built: sawdust insulation, cutter insulation, fiber board, tar paper, wood against concrete.
The series will also show black sawdust moistened as a result of water leaks and any other problems found.

My Small House concept
pienitalo iloinen elämäA small house means high-quality, simplified and easier life. The small house is built according to the needs of the resident. Eating and cooking, sleeping, enjoying and washing always deserve their own space.  Dedicated space is reserved for work, crafts, crafts, pets, woodwork or other hobbies as needed.


Property project 2016

The Atelier model, created on a rocky hillside plot, met the expectations set for both construction and the finished house. Several fresh solutions were tested at the site, such as: good quality plywood as an interior surface, the awesome Interface Human Nature carpet, solar electricity and 12 V LED lighting alongside normal AC lighting, solar heat, a yard without a lawn and remote monitoring of building technology. The construction stages of the house are accurately recorded as photographs here (all 111 days of construction work take a while to charge).

Smallness means efficient use of space, own places for goods and living with less waste. A small house is a useless abandonment. In return, you get better materials, lower construction costs, less heating costs, easier maintenance and a happier life.